Dear Dave & Sue,

Our new puppy brings a lot of joy and excitement to our home.  He is so smart and gives us lots of kisses too!  

Thanks so much for being a GREAT Breeder!  Ben

Hi Sue,        

Thank you so much!!!  Suki is just so precious!  Such a dear blessing!  We are all enjoying her so much!  Jason is bringing me his camera from work to borrow, so I can get some better pictures.  He is in love with this little girl!  He stayed home till noon because we had the security guy come, and played or held her, quite a bit!  You guys have given us a beautiful gift, in Suki. She is already making her place in our family. We are all wrapped around her paws, and I told Jason, that I was afraid that as much as we hold her, I’m afraid she will forget how to walk!  Ha-ha-ha!  God bless and be with you!  


Dear Taylor Family,

I bought Wilson from you about a year ago.  I just wanted to tell you how excited my wife, and I are about him.  He’s the cutest dog in the world and we are going to take such good care of him.  We have both grown up with dog friendly households and have had a lot of experience with different breeds, but we already think that your toy schnauzers will be the best we’ve ever had!  I just wanted to make sure you knew how thankful we are for Wilson and how blessed we are to have him.  We will give him all the love in the world for
years to come!  

Have a blessed day!

Sincerely, Joe

Hello Sue!

I just wanted to let you know that “Lilly” is doing great.  My mother in law went into the hospital about five hours after we got her, but she returned home yesterday.  She is totally taken with Lilly.  I know that it will help her through the next few months.  I took Lilly to the vet last Monday.  My veterinarian said that she looks great and is very healthy. He said that Lilly was in much better health than most new puppies he has examined.  I can send you the paper work if you want to see what he said in writing.  I will send you some pictures soon.  Thanks so much!  


Good Morning Susan!

Our new puppy is such a joy.   She is now 6 months old.  I have never had a puppy that was so smart!! Apparently, she has already settled into a routine.  Every morning she chases the two younger cats across the house.  She already knows her name, she is so very affectionate with everyone, and potty training went unexpectedly well.  She loves
running outside, and I can’t believe how quick her tiny legs take her!!  She is the center of attention in this household.  Thanks again for raising such a wonderful puppy.  You have great dogs, you do a fantastic job of caring for and raising the puppies.  They are all very social without being hyper.  I have had schnauzers before, but they were not nearly as wonderful as yours are.  Thanks so much!  What a blessing!  


Hi Taylors,

We just wanted to drop you a line or two about this wonderful puppy we bought from you about 5 months ago.  He is the best purchase that we’ve made in a long time.  He brightens our entire family’s day with his smile and fantastic personality.  We weren’t sure about getting another dog after our Louie died, but now we are so glad we did!  He is healthy as a horse although he’s still only a little over 5 pounds.  Our veterinarian told us that our little guy was one of the healthiest puppies that he had ever examined.  He could not find one thing wrong and he said that is very unusual.  Thanks again for giving us such joy.  We are thinking about getting another puppy, so I think we will be in touch with you soon to see if you have any more puppies available.