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We keep Waiting Lists of families who we have talked to about our puppies.  We send out
Birth Announcements to all of those families on our Waiting Lists giving them first pick of our puppies
before we advertise the puppies on our website.  One Waiting List is for families who have paid a refundable
security deposit to reserve their "Pick of the Litter" rights. Our second Waiting List for families who are
able to choose their puppy  once the families on the first list have chosen their puppy(s) on a first come, first
serve basis.  Please contact us if you want to be included on either of our Waiting Lists.
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We are retiring Bailey......she is Available!
"Taylors AS Bailey"
15 lbs. Wheaten Parti

Bailey is the tops!  She loves attention and gives as many kisses as she receives.  She is a quick learner and one of the best "moms" we own.  Bailey
knows no stranger and does not do a lot of barking.  Bailey has gorgeous eyes and lots of control of her ears makes her a most expressive girl.     

Bailey is now 7 years old and potty trained.  She is ready for retirement from rearing some of the most gorgeous puppies that we've every raised.  She
is now ready to go to her new forever home.  Please contact us if you think that you and your family will make a great retirement home for Bailey.    
We are retiring Bailey....she is for sale!